Trump to Congress: No August Recess Until Appropriations, Nominations Done

Make Congress Work — Wednesday, May 9, 2018

From Roll Call:

The White House hopes the Senate will get spending bills done and curtail the nominations backlog before the August recess, but it is backing a call to cut down the break if needed to overcome delays in confirming President Donald Trump’s nominations.

Marc Short, the White House legislative affairs director, made that clear during an event on Capitol Hill Tuesday with conservative leaders, putting the onus on Democrats to move the process along.

“If we reach August and [they] still have not completed appropriations work or not confirmed our nominees, then of course we would like to see Congress stay in and do its work,” Short said.

“We think it’s not work for the administration,” Short said. “It’s work for the American people.”

Leaders of both parties are usually loath to spend more time in Washington during an election year, and with Republicans facing a potential Democratic wave, they might be eager to get their members back home on the trail.

He was appearing at an event hosted by Sen David Perdue, a Georgia Republican who has been closely aligned with President Donald Trump, and also featuring former South Carolina GOP Sen. Jim DeMint.

DeMint, who recently left as head of the Heritage Foundation, is now chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute.

Perdue said that he anticipated another letter this week from a group of Senate Republicans to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., expressing support for weekend sessions and delaying recesses, including the one in August, to pressure Democrats to move ahead on more nominations.

“This year we have a number of senators who will submit a letter to the leader later this week, hopefully,” Perdue said, with a message to the majority leader that, “we are willing to do whatever is necessary to get these confirmations accomplished.”